We can identify the pipes of any plant in the world to help reduce accidents and increase plant efficiency. Our pipe markers are available in 3 quality levels and can be fully customized to include whatever information the plant needs about the pipe, its contents and the flow.

Reduce accidents, improve efficiency

Clearly visible and legible pipe markers that indicate pipe contents and flow direction can improve the efficiency of maintenance teams in finding pipes that need maintenance and valves that need to be deactivated. In addition to improving efficiency, pipeline markers help prevent accidents by warning employees, contractors, and first responders of dangerous pipeline contents.

Durably identify pipes anywhere

Pipe markers reduce workplace accidents and improve efficiency while remaining attached and legible. Based on tests conducted in our in-house labs with standardized test methods, we offer Indoor, Outdoor and Outdoor + pipe markers with outdoor durability of up to 10 years in harsh environments.

Clearly identify pipes for greater security

Increase safety with reliable pipe markers that comply with ISO 20560

Mandatory safety information *

  • flow direction
  • GHS / CLP symbols
  • description of the content of pipes * in most national standards and regulations
Additional or other information may be included.

Common information on efficiency

  • description of the content of pipes in a second language
  • product information and identifications
  • from origin x to destination y
  • QR code for electronic recognition

Example of pipe marker layout

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