Engineering | Projects | Instalations and Industrial  Maintenance

The DAYO team is made up of professionals in the sector with extensive experience and qualified, providing an advantage over its competitors.

The DAYO team, with more than 14 years of activity, is made up of Engineers, Technical Consultants and Partners with extensive experience and qualification already demonstrated at national and international level.

To be the solution in technical consulting projects, in the production of equipment as well as in the installation and maintenance for the industrial sector, becoming a reference in the national and international market.

To create value for their customers and the communities where they operate through the technological development of products and services at competitive prices that contribute to the improvement of the environment.

Dayo’s core values are:

– Integrity and honesty
– Professionalism and accuracy
– Cooperation and partnership
– Innovation and continuous improvement
– Quality and specialty
– Tradition and culture
– Sustainability (social and environmental responsibility)


The “Know-How” of DAYO and Partners, focuses on its engineering department, design and technical consulting that includes the following Services/ Products:

  • Environmental and Industrial Engineering, Equipment Production|Systems in the areas of environment – water treatment, with reuse of the same for industry and populations;
  • Industrial Ventilation Systems;
  • Industrial Boilers;
  • Industrial Burners;
  • Hot Air Heating Systems;
  • Industrial Filtration Systems;
  • APQ Storage;
  • Industrial Boilermaking;
  • Mechanical Construction – Machinery and Equipment;
  • Blocking and Labeling;
  • Industrial Maintenance;

To complement its activity in the Portuguese Market and to improve its services, it has a partnership with Laboratório Tomaz, an accredited laboratory that performs analysis in the environmental, food, agricultural production and veterinary areas.

We are the Solution

DAYO has extensive experience that allows it to be the solution to your challenges.


Golf courses

Homes (Condominiums), Hotels / Restaurants

Meat processing and slaughterhouse

Food industry: Olive oil, oil, wine, drinks, pre-cooked, etc.

Pulp and paper industry

Cement industry

Mining industry

Dairy industry (milk / cheese)

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Glass industry

Bakery Industry / Documents

Cork Industry

Electronic industry

Fishing / canning industry

Textile industry


Pig Farms and Vaccines: Mobile / Fixed Treatment Plants

Car service stations

Highway service stations: Trucks

Railway service stations: train cars, trams

Car wash

Industrial laundry

Fruits / Greens

Flower and vegetable greenhouses


Garbage leachate

Drinking water wells / boredom

Brackish water desalination

Residual water

Soil decontamination