Each year, thousands of workers are killed or injured while performing repairs or maintenance on industrial machinery or equipment. Many of these accidents are caused by an uncontrolled release of energy. In Europe, however, there are several regulations that require all power sources to be disconnected and ‘locked out’ while machines are being repaired or undergoing maintenance. 

What is it?

Lockout tagout is a planned safety procedure that involves disconnecting the power supply to industrial equipment and machines while any maintenance or repair work is being carried out on them. This procedure protects workers against the hazards posed by electricity or active machinery.

Why is lockout / tagout necessary?

  • Safety during maintenance, cleaning or repair work.
  • Injury prevention
  • Damage prevention
  • Helps prevent errors.
  • It is a procedure that clearly communicates the risks in the workplace

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Locking devices for electrical equipment

Dispositivos de bloqueo con cable

Cable locking devices

Cubiertas para espacios confinados

Confined space covers

Dispositivos de bloqueo para válvulas y mangueras

Locking devices for valves and hoses

Cerrojos de bloqueo

Locking bolts

Estaciones de Bloqueo/Etiquetado

Lockout / Tagout Stations

Candados y etiquetas para candados

Padlocks and padlock labels

Cajas de bloqueo grupal

Group lock boxes

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Lockout / Tagout Kits

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Cards, labels and signs