Durable label manufacturing and identification solutions can withstand extreme temperatures, chemicals, pressure or friction. These proven labels enable increased workplace safety, better troubleshooting, complete traceability, and other identification benefits in the most demanding environments and applications.

Any surface, in any environment

Even the most complex surfaces in harsh industrial environments can be durably identified with a professional identification tag. We use our global experience, scientific knowledge and practice in a large number of industries to develop identification labels that adhere to clean, rough, oily or dusty surfaces, and remain legible when exposed to extreme temperatures, chemicals, abrasions and pressure.

Your identification tag

Industries with identification problems can contact DAYO to find a lasting solution. Customer service and R&D teams can propose a standard label or research and manufacture new labels to solve your unique identification needs. Available label components to customize include:
  • Label materials
  • Adhesives
  • Top layers
  • Laminate
  • Sizes
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Designs
  • Preprints

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Etiquetas de código de barras

Barcode labels

Etiquetas para placas de circuitos

Circuit Board Labels

Etiquetas para electricidad

Electricity Labels

Etiquetas de inventario e inspección

Inventory and inspection labels

Etiquetas para laboratorio

Lab Labels

Etiquetas de Manufactura Esbelta

Lean Manufacturing Labels

Etiquetas de embalaje

Packaging labels

Etiquetas de seguridad

Security labels

Etiquetas para cables

Cable labels

Search labels by property

Etiquetas de adhesión agresiva

Aggressive adhesion labels

Etiquetas resistentes a sustancias químicas

Chemical resistant labels

Etiquetas para ambientes agresivos

Labels for harsh environments

Etiquetas resistentes al calor

Heat resistant labels

Mangas termorretráctiles

Heat shrink sleeves

Etiquetas para marcado láser

Labels for laser marking

Etiquetas para temperaturas bajas

Low temperature labels

Etiquetas magnéticas

Magnetic labels

Etiquetas identificable en detectores de metal

Identifiable labels on metal detectors

Etiquetas metálicas

Metal labels

Etiquetas duraderas para exteriores

Durable outdoor labels

Etiquetas de adhesión permanente

Permanent adhesion labels

Etiquetas reflectantes

Reflective labels

Etiquetas reposicionables

Repositionable labels

Etiquetas de disipación estática

Static Dissipation Labels

Etiquetas con evidencia de alteraciones

Labels with evidence of tampering

Etiquetas indicadoras de temperatura

Temperature Indicator Labels

Etiquetas resistentes a lavados

Wash-resistant labels

Etiquetas solubles en agua

Water soluble labels

Etiquetas indicadoras de agua

Water indicator labels