The solution for grease separation for the ETAR's

turbinas de desengrase


AERODYN degreasing turbines have been designed exclusively for the separation of fats and oils (and other substances with a density lower than that of water) from wastewater.

This turbine generates bubbles with a diameter between 100 and 300μm, which is the ideal range to reproduce ideal flotation conditions at atmospheric pressure.

Above Ø300μm, turbulence would be produced, which would affect the process, and below this Ø, equipment working at pressures between 100 and 300μm would be necessary to reproduce ideal flotation conditions at atmospheric pressure.

The installation, operation and maintenance of these equipment is very simple, since they are supplied with a support designed to extract and reposition the equipment, without the need to empty the sand trap or stop the purification process. 

It has a very low energy consumption and, due to the high quality of its materials (all the hydraulic part made of INOX 316L), it is a highly robust and durable unit.

An efficient separation of fats improves the purification process, resulting in a reduction in energy consumption in aerated biological reactors, as well as a reduction in cases of absence of oxygen and proliferation of filamentous bacteria.

turbinas de desengrase

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