The lifting or loading beams are resistant infrastructures that adjust to the needs of the client, allowing easy and comfortable handling of heavy and / or large items.

These rockers are expertly designed and manufactured to facilitate the transport of heavy or oversized merchandise, saving time and effort.

These seesaws, in addition to simplifying the transport mechanism, provide security for both the merchandise that it transports and the technician in charge of its use.

The lifting beam allows to manipulate:
  • Large uploads
  • Heavy loads
  • Unstable loads
  • Loads with off-center gravity centers


Platforms for maintenance are essential in those places where accessibility is a handicap and a better position is required to carry out the activity. 

These platforms are designed to be as safe as possible, either thanks to the safety rails or the non-slip floor that allows better adherence.

For better working conditions, we also have a platform model with an integrated protection roof that allows working under adverse weather conditions, or even a model with vertical ladders, if required due to the height at which the platform is located.


In order to facilitate access to elevated points, we offer our clients a wide range of maintenance ladders to suit their needs. 

Safety and comfort are fundamental aspects that we want to convey to the user when using one of our ladders, for this, we use structures that have ergonomic designs and light and resistant materials. Likewise, the steps are wide and made with non-slip elements in accordance with the standards.

Designed by qualified people, in addition to complying with all the regulations regarding the prevention of occupational hazards, our stairs offer high quality.


The control element supports are designed according to the technical and functional needs of each client. 

They allow a centralized control of the different ventilation installations, accessories and other elements, making the maintenance and control work more efficient and accessible.

Dayo, in addition to supplying the metallic structure for control support installations, can also supply the components / elements necessary for the finish and correct operation of your installation.

Advantages of having control element support in your installations: 

  • From a strategic command center, you can control all your facilities at the same time.
  • Facilitates the control of those facilities that are located in less accessible places.
  • Minimizes the time dedicated to the control of facilities, through the efficiency that allows the elimination of unnecessary displacements.


To facilitate the maintenance of our products and facilities, at Dayo we offer a comprehensive service that adjusts to the needs and characteristics of each client. 

We offer the client the possibility of acquiring custom-designed products, in addition to making it possible to select the desired materials for their manufacture.

The function of the drawer for maintenance objects is to keep the tools necessary for the maintenance of the fans as well as the various accessories in good condition. 

Made of materials resistant to both impacts and weather, these drawers are designed so that the technician can access the tools quickly, and that these, in turn, are kept in good condition.

The hermetic seal is the key so that the tools are not damaged by factors such as dust, water or dirt.

It has a quality finish, simple, but very useful.