Associated Company

Our partner is a manufacturer of industrial hot air generators, and its strategic orientation is green and clean energy and in particular biomass as an ecological fuel so that it can power all its produced equipment. 

In its manufacturing area, the company is firmly committed to training its employees so that they can develop their own equipment. Throughout their existence they have invested in technological innovation as one of the most important parts of their activity.

Industrial hot air generators are prepared to heat large surfaces, such as buildings, greenhouses, drying greenhouses, livestock farms and industry, with the use of biomass as a green and clean fuel, available on the market.

Energy efficiency

Study and identification of opportunities for energy improvement in green and clean fuel systems that result in a cost reduction in energy consumption at an industrial level.

Why Choose Biomass as Green and Clean Energy

  • Biomass is cheaper than fossil fuels.
  • It allows you to save more than 50% of your costs.
  • There are no greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We help contribute to the sustainable development of the planet.
  • Biomass is a non-toxic fuel for health and harmless.
  • The stored biomass is not volatile, so there is no risk of explosion.
  • The installation is amortized in a short period of time.
  • There are subsidies for the installation of biomass equipment.


Main Features

  • AISI 430 stainless steel heat exchanger, chimney and combustion chamber.
  • Double safety thermostat incorporated in the equipment.
  • Power control panel.
  • Exterior frame in pre-lacquered steel.
  • Double panel locks with pre-lacquered plate.


Main Features

  • Steel chamber and heat exchanger (AISI 430).
  • Air-prepared equipment exits through ducts, with adjustable grilles or distribution holes.
  • A simple manual cleaning.
  • With an integrated supply board.



Fuel: Biomass 

Tubular heat exchanger and combustion chamber in refractory stainless steel (Aisi 310)

High temperature fan with jet blades

Enclosure panels internally insulated with rock wool (100kg / m3)

Maximum 250ºC continuously

Aspiration and impulsion ear mouthpiece

Union via circular duct not included * (depends on the installation)

External power control box

Exterior finish in oven-dried pre-lacquered paint

Outdoor fans. As an option Fans model 2271