Neogen 250

This industrial generator heats poultry farms, pig farms, nurseries, greenhouses, dryers and industrial buildings that use all kinds of granulated, dry and clean biomass fuel.

Technical Data Neogen 250
Rated thermal power (kW) 250
Maximum consumption (Kg/h) 56
Minimal consumption (Kg/h) 11
Smoke temperature (oC) 89
Maximum power autonomy (h) 19
Minimum power autonomy (h) 100
Hopper capacity (L) 1600
Maximum airflow (m3/h) 15000
Smoke exit diameter (mm) 200/150
Electrical power absorbed (kW) 4.7
Supply voltage (V) 230/400
Generator Weight (Kg) 1600
  1. Main Body of Hot Air Generator
  2. Combustion Chamber
  3. Grid
  4. Top of Generator
  5. Primary Air intake for combustion
  6. Secondary Air Entrance for Combustion
  7. End of Feeding Sin Conveyor
  8. Control Panel
  9. Exhauster
  10. Ignition Resistance
  11. Large Capacity Hopper
  12. Temperature Sensor Control Panel
  13. Multitubo Heat Exchange Zone

Experts in biomass conduction systems for large areas.