Hot air generator, specially designed for poultry farms that use all types of biomass fuel, Granulated, Dry and Clean.

Technical DataC-102C-202
Rated thermal power (kW)140250
Maximum consumption (Kg/h)3089
Minimal consumption (Kg/h)1111
Nominal income (%)8585
Smoke temperature (oC)8989
Maximum power autonomy (h)3625
Minimum power autonomy (h)10072
Hopper capacity (L)13001300
Heating capacity (m2)9001600
Smoke exit diameter (mm)150150
Electrical power absorbed (kW)2.13.46
Supply voltage (V)220/380220/380


C-102 C-202
L 2180 2500
L1 1680 1580
L2 700 910
L3 300 300
T1 350 350
T2 1030 1200
T3 1050 1050
H 2040 2040
H1 630 860
  1. Main Body of Hot Air Generator
  2. Combustion Chamber
  3. Secondary Air Entrance for Combustion
  4. Primary Combustion Air inlet
  5. End-of-feed Sin conveyor
  6. Large Capacity Hopper
  7. Grid

The installations are adapted to all types of premises

Old building, open warehouse, tunnel type, chicken or turkey.

Electrical and panel control system by means of automation and
independent mechanisms for each component.

New type of Sandwich Pavilion

We have new models, C-140 and C-250 with the exchanger incorporated in the same body from the generator, managing to separate the equipment from the Pavilion and without the need for piping interior for greater comfort.

These equipments inject the hot air inside the building by means of a single connection by galvanized tube and derivations or elbows to direct the air.

In the same way, they collect the hot air from inside the building, also with galvanized pipe to take advantage of its temperature and obtain a higher yield. These generators are the same as those used in models C-102 and C-202, respectively.